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Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System
Includes two pre-filters: the first sediment pre-filter removes sediment, rust, dirt, and other solid debris; the second carbon pre-filter removes chlorine, odor and protects the RO membrane which removes dissolved metals and salts, plus other harmful contaminants. A storage tank holds the RO processed high quality water until needed, in which case, the water will then pass through the final post-filter which removes tastes, odors and organic chemicals.

Retail Price: $499
YOUR PRICE: $149.00
A Whooping $350 savings.

Set Contents
  • Two Pre-Filters
  • Storage Tank
  • Post-Filter

    Shipping Details
  • Case UPC : 024409381003
  • Estimated Case Dimensions : 19.00" Length, 18.00" Width, 16.00" Height
  • Estimated Case Weight : 21.15 Lbs.

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    Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System
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    Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System
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